Trey's Treats


for kids


joshua 1:9

A​fter a three year battle with Leukemia, six- year old Trey has created treystreats. Kids who have cancer can request a treat basket with special food items to enjoy. Having cancer robs children of childhood fun. It often takes their appetites. We provide treats while sharing God's love. Please help us spread the love by sharing with families who may benefit from this service.

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We are working to help kids who have cancer!

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Our Mission

Childhood cancer strikes thousands of kids. We strive to support the entire family with treats and inspiring messages. We will feature the stories of the courageous kids that we help.

Beginning in South Carolina and hoping to expand rapidly, Treystreats w​ants to serve kids with cancer while sharing the message of the Gospel.

We are in need of founding sponsors to live out Trey's dream of delivering treat baskets "all the way to Canada and all the way to Mexico." Email us today for more information.



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